Our prize winner Polly and her story with PHOTOS BELOW: My name is Polly and I am excited to be putting myself in the running to win the free nipple & areola tattoo.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in August 2015. My long term partner left a week after my full bilateral mastectomy the next month. I’m not sure what was hardest to deal with. But I am grateful to be alive today. I had a straight to implant reconstruction last December (2016) and nipple reconstruction in July this year, both through the Mater public and from which I have healed well. Unfortunately I have found that I hardly have any nipple protruding from the nipple procedure – so not sure if that was worth it! But I am ready to take the final step in my reconstruction and get a 3D nipple tattoo.

I am no more deserving than the next person to win this. I am a single mum of 2 boys; I struggle to pay my bills as I am unable to work due to chronic nerve pain. I am awaiting surgery to implant a spinal cord stimulator.

I simply cannot afford to pay for this procedure, but it would be life changing for me.

I miss my breasts (and my nipples!) but I am one of the lucky ones to be alive today. I am so close to feeling some sense of that old self when I look at myself in the mirror. I would be so grateful for your help with this final step. I know I’ve got my whole life ahead of me – and this doesn’t define me – but will help me take the next step in a new exciting phase life in my life.

Thank you so much for considering me. Polly

2018  Latest photo of prize winner – final touch ups still to go.

Images shared from client with permission to show.



As October is breast cancer awareness month we would like to offer one person who has undergone a mastectomy a free nipple and areola re-pigmentation tattoo valued at $600 (both breasts). You will have a private tattoo consultant with our specialist scar tattooist Tammy who will work with you to help ensure you achieve your desired result. Your tattoo session will also be private unless you would like to have someone accompany you for support. Please send us a brief reason why we should pick you for this special free promotion. with “Oct promo” in subject line. Thank you.