Vegan tattoo experience

We are a unique studio in that we are proud to offer a complete VEGAN tattoo experience from start to finish with VEGAN aftercare for sale in studio. Not only do our products contain no animal products they are not tested on animals either.

Check out the video below of one of our Vegan clients getting tattooed at The Painted Lady.

We offer:

  • vegan friendly tattoo ink – black and all colours
  • either vegan razors or razors without the gel strip (they contain lanolin or diary) (you are also welcome to bring in your own or use before you come if needed)
  • vegan hand wash for your use and our artists use
  • natural jelly rather than vaseline
  • Dr Bronner’s green soap for cleaning your tattoo during the process
  • we also offer for sale vegan aftercare in varied sizes for our clients