Covering & Disguising Scars





ABC Radio Interview on tattooing over Mastectomy scars (“nipple and areola repigmentation” or “nipple and areola tattooing)  19/9/2017

The images to follow (small selection) have all been done by our senior artist Tammy who has a lot of experience in tattooing over scars: medical, mastectomy, self-harm, burns etc.
She comes highly recommended by breast reconstruction doctors in Brisbane.
We offer private; closed studio sessions if requested.

Tattoos can cover and/or disguise most scars and burns using colour, shape, design, and placement. The scarring MUST be at least 1 year old.

You need to know:
• some colours may not heal as brightly as undamaged skin would
• may require several sittings as scar tissue holds ink differently than healthy tissue.
• some scarring ie: very deep or wide and burns leave the skin with a textured surface so fine line detailed tattoos won’t look their best on this type of skin, you are better off with getting large designs with bold lines, shading and colour. One of the things that happens with a tattoo on a scar is that any lines thicken and can then look blurry.
• Designs of organic origin work best for covering scars with tattoos. Images with depth and variety of colour give the eye lots to look at, keeping the design busy will detract the eye from the scar tissue.


  •     Birth marks
  •     Acne scars
  •     Freckles
  •     Stretch marks
  •     Cesarean scars
  •     Mastectomy scars
  •     Skin discolouration/pigmentation
  •     Major or minor surgery scars
  •     Scarred tissue from accidental injury
  •     Scars left from any type of cuts
  •     Minor and major burn scars
  •     Spider veins


Some scars cannot be tattooed over and they include severe keloid scarring (scars which heal on top of the surface of the skin rather than under it – raised scar tissue). Keloids are a sharply elevated, firm,  irregularly shaped, progressively enlarging scar, due to excessive collagen formation in the corium during connective tissue repair. (injection of steroids, cryotherapy, and x-ray therapy may be of help – talk to your doctor)

  •     Tattooing over your scar cannot change the texture of it.
  •     The tattoo will not erase the scar; it will disguise or detract from it.
  •     Cannot tattoo your scar if it is less than 1 year old, infected or still red.
  •     Cannot tattoo over moles but they can be disguised within a tattoo.
  •     Cannot tattoo over varicose veins.