Just has a great meeting with Clare from the Painted Lady Tattoo Studio.🌈Clare loves to express her creative talents through bringing other peoples ideas to life in the form of tattoo’s. With 10+ years experience there is not much she cannot do👍. Clare also shares her creative mind teaching Visual Arts to High School students. The Painted Lady Tattoo Studio has another 2 x artists who love the freedom of booking their own clients at times suiting them, work life balance .💥Didn’t know hypnosis can be used to reduce the pain when getting a tattoo, Pink Lady Tattoo Studio does this which is unique. Clare and the team also love to help people out who have scars from injury through accident or self harm they wish to be covered. The team also specialise in areola reconstruction tattooing. The Painted Lady Tattoo Studio love to help people who are getting life back on track.
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Elle Magazine Issue June/July 2018                Painted Lady Tattoo Studio interviewed.

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May 2018 Front cover of the Southeast Advertiser Newspaper in Brisbane.


ABC Radio Interview 19/9/2017   Tattooing over Mastectomy scars.

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