Nikki’s view on undertaking a tattoo apprenticeship.

Hi I’m Miss Nikki and it’s been just over three months since this lucky lady was taken on as the apprentice at The Painted Lady Tattoo Studio in sunny Brisbane. A little about myself… I’ve been obsessed with drawing and all things crafty since I could hold a pencil. I have a diploma in Visual arts and graphic design as well as being three months shy of my degree in communication design. I love to learn, I suck up information like a sponge. I eat lots of sweets, anything covered in sugar has my name on it! I’ve always had a passion for tattoos, going to tattoo conventions since I was young and collecting tattoo magazines helped fuel my fire. As soon as I turned 18 I started to get tattooed and have not stopped since.

Learning from the Painted lady crew Tammy, Chrissie and Clare I am able to ask as many questions as I like and I’m never made to feel silly. I love taking in all this information and writing it into my notebook. Clare the owner has set up the apprenticeship in four blocks, this helps me keep a track of where I am and what’s my next step. For the first block I’ve been learning about all the basics you need to run a studio, the aftercare methods, social media management, photographing tattoos etc. to just name a few.

While this is happening I’m also constantly drawing and going through my drawing assignments, it’s fun to push yourself and come up with fun new ideas for old themes. I’m so happy I’ve found a place here at the Painted Lady and I’m looking forward to the next step. I will post a new blog every couple of months or so and please feel free to contact me to ask any questions you may have.

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